Lil' Mo Lyrics

More Than You Know Lyrics

Baby, no no no
Mm mm

This is how it happened
I saw you
A dream became reality
I dreamed that I was by myself
Then you became a part of me
Easy come easy go, was in my mind
I was holdin' on to the past
Then I realized you were mine
I knew that we were gonna last

1 - I won't let nobody try to turn me
From lovin' you
I am more than satisfied
Nobody else is gonna do
I won't let nobody in my business
It's all about you
If you want me, here I am
Cuz I'm here for you, more than you know

2 - Stay with me
Don't you go
I love you tonight
More than you know

Repeat 2

I remember how it would've been
If I never met you
I think about it for a while
Then I let it go, cuz I got you
And my heart's so full of love
I cannot even breathe, no
You're the air to my body
You're all that I need, baby

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

You're the pieces to my puzzle
Without you, I'm incomplete
You're the song to my melody
It's bigger than money
If you add all the days of my life
Multiply by the reasons I love you
It wouldn't measure up to
How much I really need you
That's why

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

Stay with me