Lil' Mo Lyrics

What About The Children? Lyrics

1 - They need our love, if we are willing
So I'm asking what about the children?
Yeah, yes

Lookin' back on yesterday
Funny how things can change
Forgot all about the simple things, didn't need
Instead of getting kids off the streets
We'll go and buy a diamond ring
Puttin' pleasure right before priority

2 - We're too busy, sittin' 'round thinkin' about us
Need to think about the kids just because

Repeat 1

I could cry myself to sleep
When I see kids without food to eat
Who are we to say that we don't see these things?
It's in our face everyday
But you turn and walk away
Open up your heart and spread some love today

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

Sit around just thinkin' about us
We need to think about the kids just because
Knowing we, can change, all things
With the help of God
We need to see, yeah yeah
What love can bring

Repeat 1 to fade