Silk Lyrics

Meeting In My Bedroom Lyrics

2 G
2,000 watts
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

1 - There's a meeting in my bedroom
So girl please don't be late
There's a meeting in my bedroom
So please don't make me wait
There's a meeting in my
There's a meeting in my bedroom

Lookin' at my rolley
Girl I see it's almost time
Oh yeah, oh yeah
I hope you're getting ready girl
And don't forget the wine
How long, don't thing that you
Tonight it's just for you and I
And it's gonna be so fly
(So fly, so fly, what what what)
I like having you around
So I gotta put you down
So be there or be square

Repeat 1

Step into me casa, lay you down, far far far
(come on yeah baby, yeah yeah yeah)
Got a little sumthin' sumthin' for my sexy mama, mama
Been checkin' for ya since day one
You're my moon and you're my sun
(You're my star, you shine, yeah)
Girl you're cheeky and you know
That I'm feeling your steelo
Be there or be square

Repeat 1

You're everything that I've been searching for
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, what what what)
And there's no need for me to search no more
(Freaky freaky freaky, yeah yeah yeah what)
Come into my room
(Help me baby, help me little baby 'fore you let me down)
Don't be late to my room
(Oh baby yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh)

Repeat 1

Ad lib until fade