Vanessa Amorosi Lyrics

Have A Look Lyrics

Never thought that you'd be mine, I just stayed there to be kind.
Now you see that you're leaving me, well I don't really care;
I have other things on my mind.
Then when you tell me to just get out, well this isn't just your house.
Well I thought I sort of told you, I guess you didn't listen baby.
Now that I'm looking for your time, just to see if I'm on your mind.
I think we're really over now, I saw your girlfriend;
You and her seem to be fine.

Now that we are through - I realise I want you!
I try to get you back - but you don't need me!
Baby, what you thinking now, baby? Ooh, baby,
Have a look, have a look, look at me!
Baby, what you thinking now, baby? Ooh, baby,
I took a change now - Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!

I know, I know that I've done something wrong, I never left coz I wasn't strong.
Now that we're over, I don't think that I could even go on.
Well I've changed my naughty ways, well I'm telling you I've changed.
Just come back and stop the crap, work it out with me...


I changed my mind, I really changed everything that I had.
I'm even walking towards you now, and you won't look at me.
And I'm feeling really used up, yeah I'm getting really mad about it.
I changed everything for you, and only you.
You won't even look at me, look at me.
Oh yeah, look at me, yeah.
Well it's a fact - I need you, I want you back.
Just change your mind and we'll be fine, work it out with me.


Baby, what you thinking now, baby?
What you think now, baby!?
Have a look, have a look - look at me