John Denver Lyrics

Circus Lyrics

If I look like home to you
Don' try to understand it girl
When I draw the line
It hasn't come to this
That you can say I waste my time
Lookin' ev'rywhere
Goin' nowhere (Repeat)

For the skies, they look so lazy now
Because I lost what I was lookin' for

And heavy are the clouds
There's nothing left to share

There's nothing here that I can learn
I need to take myself away

Of what it's all about
To be some other where

You haven't said a thing to me
A face, a life, a minute more

And you talk so very loud
I don't think I can spare

Lookin' ev'rywhere
Lookin' ev'rywhere

Goin' nowhere
Goin' nowhere

Well, I think I'll try the circus
'Cause I tell you when you hurt me

Or go back to Mexico
and you just don't seem to know

It's time to make mistakes again
And I inform you when I'm lonely

It's time to change the show.
And you still don't think I'll go

It's time and time and time again
So if I lie to you, and smile a thought

To find another way
That's only half-way here

It's time to gather forces
It's just a circus and I'm singing
And get out of yesterday
And I'm never really near

Repeat First verse


Lookin' ev' - ry - where
Lookin' ev' - ry - where
Lookin' ev' - ry - where
Goin' nowhere