John Denver Lyrics

Higher Ground Lyrics

There are those who can live with
The things they don't believe in
They are giving up their lives
For something that is less than it can be
Some have longed for a home
In a place of inspiration
Some will fill the emptiness inside
By giving it all to the things that they believe
They believe

Maybe it's just a dream in me
Maybe it's just my style
Maybe it's just the freedom that I've found
But given the possibility
Of livin' up to the dream in me
You know that I'll be reachin' for higher ground

I will stand on my own
I will live up to this vision
I will trust in what I feel
And follow my heart until it brings me home
Bring me home


Keep me through the night
Lead me to the light
Teach me the magic of wonder
Give me the spirit to fly

(chorus) (repeat twice)