Rebecca Lynn Howard Lyrics

Melancholy Blue Lyrics

Ever since I lost you babe
I've been here and there
Looking for some peice of mind, can't find it anywhere
I went to Tunica, played me a little blackjack
Saw a wino on the corner gave my winnings back

If it was just money
Baby, I could make it
But living without you
Can I take it
All I see ahead of me
Is just melancholy blue
'Cause I ain't got no future without you

I went to Austin, lots of beautiful people there
Could have had a better adventure, I just didn't care
Got a job in California, they sure liked my style
But there's something about that California sun
Reminds me of your smile


Now and then I go back to Biloxi
Whenever I feel brave
Visit that little country church down there
Lay some flowers on your grave
You sure got a hold on me, I don't know what to do
I ain't got no future
I can't see no future without you