Kenny Wayne Shepherd Lyrics

Last Goodbye Lyrics

before you're rusted chains
busted walls and barb wire cage
tried to hold me down
and time was just a fist of change
tossed in the water just in case
you ever came around

I could lose myself
I could curse like hell
but i've lost the will to even try
if you ever doubt
listen to the sound
no lies
no no no
this is my last goodbye

now pardon me if I appear
to see beyond the now and here
to try to save myself
i'm not the kind to pin the blame
but I can't take more of the same
livin on your shelf


door closes
another one opens
I feel the cold wind blowin
over me
long gone
but not forgotten
I might be lost
I might be finally free
I'm finally free


repeat 1st verse

this is my last goodbye
(yes it is, yes it is)