Mercedes Lyrics

Talk Dirty To The DJ's Lyrics

(mercedes verse 1)
let me talk dirty to you for a second
how bout i sit on your turn tables
with me legs spread and straight up
and put your needle between my thighs
your touch is gentle so i know you won't scratch
and since we practicing safer sex
put a condom on as you flip the next cd
have you ever had a menage-a-tois?
i mean could your cd changer hold 3 cd'z at one time?
everytime i hear your voice,
i get wetter and wetter
ohhh baby i can't wait no more (sounding desprate)
i'm bout to come down to the studio and do a live interview
my mouth on the tip of your mic
drivin you nuts , but going head on with it
my 600 (mercedes) benz with the top down
ohhh i'm doing 69 on the freeway
ohhhh baby don't come yet
i'll be live at the studio in a minute
are you still mixin?
well then hey soliders and soliderettes
this is mercedes on the radio
check out my bomb single "it's your thing"
featuring master p
so you want me to drop my panties?
well my favorite dj ain't in right now
so stop the requests,
he ain't allowed to talk with his mouth full