No Question Lyrics

He say, She say Lyrics

What's going on
You're questionin'
Everything I do
And everywhere I've been
You're beeping me
Off da hook
Like I am
Some kind of crook
Out to take
Your love away
Bag it up
And go astray
I wanna know babe
Who ya talkin' to
What you don't know is
My love is true for you

I'm so tired of that
He say, She say
Runnin' round hatin on me
I'm so tired of that
He say, She say, He say
This ain't the way
That things are suppose to be
(yeah, yeah, yeah, only on 2 time)
repeat 1 more time

I'm coming home
From my nine to five
I'm working hard
To keep this thing alive
Everything I do (do)
I do for you (oh)
And all you do is give me attitude
It's killing me in the worst way
You're listenin'
To what your girlfriend's say
That's I'm a dog
And I like to play
What you don't know is
They wanna take your place


I gave you all the love I have to give
Did anything for you
You turn around and tell me that
It's just no good for you
And after all the lovin we shared
Girl you should know
My love for you is true
So tell me whatcha gon' do whatcha gon do?

Repeat chorus till end