Infinite Lyrics

Take A Look Lyrics

Verse 1

Dem outlaws was born to break laws and felonies
Deh got an empty gates in da town, deh run it steadily
To all my money makers cross town dissemble funds and put the pieces back together
Tryin' to drunk one another
Case thrown out, storm da courtroom, uniforms and three piece suits
From bail putting up houses and loot, he walkin'
I heard him talking to his partner
Hawkins about his way of livin'
Faces of death
He's runnin' with this older kid from around Mount Olive and Silverstone
Deh stack mad gats in da ceilin' at his baby mom's home
These narc's are watchin' us
Undercovers on the rooftop
Prepared and bullet proofed up
Jurassic blowin' cruisers up fatal
They got us trapped under this negative force
Some try to find a way out but no doubt some make it out
Some learnin' from their own mistakes
So take this negative and turn it into positive
Whether you what to listen is your prerogative.


Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see
Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see
Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see
Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see

Verse 2

Kick off da top lock and run in dat
Get to the point
Don't let him get the upper hand he's gamblin' with pare man
Told this kid thought he was quick, he drew but shot last
Blood on my mask
This other youth was tryin' to run for da door
And picked up one in his back and collapsed
Matter of fact my main concern was for somebody grab dis
I used my sleeve to wipe the money off the table flood it all in one bag
Deh takin' rings to bracelets and found coke inside da bin
Bit now deh takin too long, deh inside and laverishin'
Come on it's time we make a move so let's bounce from this apartment
Fly down the staircase
But now deh tarin' down the place wisely
Don't want a bate up situation therefore
So when we get to the west we sharin' out mines what's yours is yours
Beast boys come out at late night so don't speed
Ah yo a cruiser cuts us off to try ta make his way to the crime scene.


Verse 3

Now in closin' you done know he should never brag for real
Come on you know that
Remember who can hear they must feel
But word out on the streets is that you robbin' mad peep's
And now it's getting bad to worse because it's getting too far
From front page to stolen cars narcs deh know who you are
We gotta meet him then tie him up and drive him real far
Then we separate his body chop it up for the cause Dem outlaws, breakin' in and out of gun store
Only you can understand spottin' shells on the floor
Ay yo it's far from a threat, faces of death, there's nothin' left…
It's far from a threat faces of death there's nothin' left.

Chorus x 2