Toby Keith Lyrics

Santa, I'm Right Here Lyrics

I was downtown Christmas shopping
Such a busy city street
I don't know how I noticed the piece of paper at my feet
But somethin' made me pick it up, instead of goin' on my way
I stopped and froze right in my tracks
As I read what it had to say

Oh Santa, if you can't find me
We're livin' out here on the street
But I’ll be watchin' for you, you're not gonna forget me, are you
Daddy says he knows you'll try
But we might be too hard to find this year
Oh Santa, I’m right here

It said, we don't have our house no more, I wish we could go home
Mama says we will some day and she prays it won't be long
But they closed daddy's factory and took most of our things
Now Santa, I don't need to much, so this year could you bring

Bring my mom a coat that's warm, 'cause the one she's got is awful torn
Maybe dad could help you work, makin' toys for boys and girls

Repeat Chorus

I'm right here
I'm right here