702 Lyrics

Steelo Lyrics

Ha, yeah, hmmmm, come on, yeah, ha, yeah

I'm gonna keep it real
How you make me feel
Boy you give me chills, baby
I'm gonna break you down
You just drive me wild
Whenever you're around

1 - You know how I do
And you know how I flow
Can I get your name and number
Cuz I like your steelo
And I dig the way you move
And the way you do your thing
Baby you can bring it on
You can swing it this way

Boy it's something about you
That make me tell my friends
But they don't understand, no, no
They don't know your style
With your high profile
The fliest thing in town

Repeat 1

2 - You stay on my mind
Think about you all the time
Got to get to know you well
If you kiss then I won't tell

Repeat 2

Kiss me, oh, hold me, I say squeeze me, oh squeeze me, whoa
Kiss me, oh, hold me, I say squeeze me, whoa, kiss me

(Ha ha, ha)
One two, check it, check it, check it out
Follow, follow me, Minnie Minnie Mouse
One two check it out
Lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme break you down
(Ha, ha, ha)
One two check it out
Follow, follow me, Minnie, Minnie Mouse
(Ha, ha, ha)
One two break it down
Lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme, break you down

This track is nasty like pornography
Work the mommy I like Joe Buddy sloppy
Dag poppy got a brand new bag, for real
I taking 'keel O'neil like shag, chair
Ask Michael Jackson who bad
He says I am but the queen not drag
Dag I'm bad enough to let my pants sag
I be in 'Vegas where 702 be at
Check that

Repeat 1
Ad lib until fade