Gerald Levert Lyrics

She Done Been Lyrics

You brotha's
Ya'll forget you got a mama
Got a lady that stick with you through thick and thin
But you dog her
And you ain't been through half the shit she been

You step in the church
Every morning, six A.M., up from work
Daddy always kept it real
Taught you how a man s'pose to feel
Not afraid to cook and clean
Ain't even into the party scene
But no matter what you do
Every man that you meet
Want his cake and eat it too

1 - She been lied to, cheated on
The victim of every sad song
Her mother and her father
Definition of the perfect daughter

But she can't find a man
Who done been half the things
She done been

If you out there raise your hand
Raise your hand
Check it out

You like the thought of makin love
Occassional kisses and a few hugs
Want a family, raise some kids
Just like your mamma and your daddy did yeah
But every guy you start to dig
Comes with baggage and no gig, yeah
(Got no kind of a job)
Got a baby mama, and alot of bills
You foot the bill, but he come and go at will

Repeat 1

Said, give your baby a standing ovation
Got her own college education
Raise her babies all alone
Always in a house but never at a home

Repeat 1

24 hours in labor (She done been)
She been abused by her man (She done been)
Out there on welfare (She done been)
Ya'll don't seem to understand (She done been)
PMS'in once a month (She done been)
Scrappin up dollas to get the baby lunch (She done been)
Left by her arms by a sucka man (She done been)
Ya'll don't seem to understand (She done been)
You don't seem to understand (She done been)
Call bitches and hoes for no reason (She done been)
Getting raped on by the man she was pleasin' (She done been)
It was her best friend (She done been)
Be a model man who done been through
What she done been yeah

Repeat 1