Gerald Levert Lyrics

Misery Lyrics

I remember the old saying daddy used to say
He'd say "Son, watch your back cuz misery loves company"
I never understood what it meant
'Till this happened

She put you out with no place to go
You call me up, and I came right on over
Said you had a few problems
You knew you were wrong
Wanted to get yourself right
So I let you stay at my home

When I started peepin' you makin' eyes at my boo
Goin' out your way to be all up in her face
Me and her would be in bed doin' what we do
Then I dunno where, she'd ask me things I only told you

1 - Misery loves company
I thought you were a friend to me
But right is right
And wrong is wrong
So pack your bags
Brother, you on your own
(Step on step on step on)
Get to steppin' brotha'
You're on your own
(Step on step on step on)

My man, my man, my brother, my homey yeah
(Step on step on step on)

A lesson learned, but told long ago
Keep enemies close, but friends even closer
(Tell the truth)
See happiness breeds envy
Don't ever say the words
"It'll never, never, never, never happen to me"

Oh cuz
One day you'll close your eyes
And then to your surprise
You open them and see
Somebody been all up in your cherry tree
Then that'll be the day
That you'll lose your mind
Just spending time writing letters
In a cell doing 20 to life

Repeat 1

Get to movin' homey
Get to goin', boy
You act like you don't know me
Get your move on
Oh no, no, no

It's a low down dirty shame
When your so-called friends start playin' games
They know how to get to you
All inside, all up in your business
Start breakin' up your family too
Your family took him in as one of them
And as time gone by they don't even care
No respect, they moved on
And here comes jealousy
But they had the same, the same opportunities as you do
So you got to tell him, get to steppin' brother
Cuz you ain't nothing, you ain't no good
You ain't no good, you ain't no friend of mine
Testify now, this evening
Raise your hands this evening
Said you was the one, you was my best friend
You was my best friend
You was my
Brother, friend, homey through thick and thin
Misery, misery, misery
Brother, a friend, my homey through thick and thin
Misery, misery, misery