Toby Keith Lyrics

The Lonely Lyrics

There's a band called "The Lonely" playin' downtown tonight
And man, they know their way around the blues
There's not an empty space in the parkin' lot
And there's a line stretchin' around the block
And the sad man standin' at the door says the place is full of broken hearts

If you're hear to see "The Lonely"
If you're hear to see "The Lonelyā€¯
It's standin' room only for "The Lonely "

Oh, you can dance with a stranger under the smoky blue lights
You can stand alone with lovers who love to lose
You can drown in your pain if there's room at the bar
You can hide your tears, you can cry in the dark
While " The Lonely " sings a song straight to your broken heart

Repeat Chorus