Toby Keith Lyrics

She's Perfect Lyrics

I took Lisa down to the cafe
The one where we first fell in love
I played the same song that we used to dance to
Hopin' it might be enough
But when I told her I was sorry
That only made it worse
Then the waitress came over and saw Lisa cryin'
Said, honey, what's the matter with her

There's nothin' wrong with her, she's perfect
She's as pure as she can be
She'd never say, but the only mistake she ever made was me
It might appear to you she's broken
By the teardrops in her eyes
But there's nothin' wrong with her, she's perfect
I'm the one who made her cry

Could you bring us two cups of coffee
We might be here for a while
Make mine black and hers sweet as sugar
Something that matches her smile
She's already loved me for half of her life
She's never been untrue
So let me tell you before you ask her
If there's anything you can do

Repeat Chorus