Toby Keith Lyrics

Big Ol' Truck Lyrics

Yeah you can see the girl comin'
From a mile away
She got her big wheels turnin'
She's got Oklahoma plates

She's got her sun roof up
She's got her window rolled down
And you oughta feel the ground shakin'
When she comes to town

Yeah I'm in love with the girl in the four-wheel drive
Chrome steel bumpers and red step sides
She has a large time in her large machine
Man I wonder how she gets up in that thing
It casts a big shadow sittin' in the sun
She's got it revved up rockin' ready to run
And someday soon I'm gonna climb right up
And take a little ride in her big ol' truck

She's got bucket seats fully customized
“In Your Wildest Dreams” painted on the side
It was built to run, she was built to show
She's got a Haggard hit playin' on her stereo

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Big ol' truck
Ten feet tall ten feet wide
It's a big ol' truck
Here she come again man