Toby Keith Lyrics

She Ran Away With A Rodeo Clown Lyrics

She's a top barrel racer, cowboy chaser
She drinks Tecate like it's goin' out of style
She's real good lookin', and pretty good at hookin'
Any man she wants with just a little smile
I drew a strong one, a big full grown one
He punched me out when I hit the ground
I came to with a panoramic view
Lookin' for my baby
She was nowhere around

I looked up, I looked down
I ain't seen her since the second go-'round
Somebody said they seen her headin' out of town
She ran away with a rodeo clown
She ran away with a rodeo clown

She's got twenty-two dollars and makeup on her collar
She left some clothes so she's travelin' light
But I'll bet a new saddle and forty head of cattle
That I could catch 'em both if I drove all night
But this don't make sense, she's done jumped the fence
And I'm speedin' cross Texas on a broken heart
I'm goin' home where the coyote roam
Makin' my camp at the end of the bar

Repeat Chorus