Toby Keith Lyrics

Strangers Again Lyrics

You couldn't tell by lookin', we'd ever met before
I hardly ever see her, she don't come by any more
With all the time we spent together, I thought by now she would've called
It's almost like she never even knew my name at all, but...

The first night I met her, we were just strangers
Small talk conversation, we became friends
One morning we woke up and we'd turned into lovers
At the end of the line now, we're strangers again

This used to be our hangout, now I guess it's only mine
And all our friends still come here, they ask about her all the time
I say I spoke to her just yesterday, no wait, two days ago
I guess that girl will never change, but I'm the only one that knows, that...

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus