Toby Keith Lyrics

He Ain't Worth Missing Lyrics

He's flyin' high tonight
He's got a brand new lover
Here you come a runnin'
You're lookin' for some cover

I know you're sad and lonely
I know you're feelin' blue
You miss him so much
Won't let me get too close to you

Oh, he ain't worth missin'
Oh, we should be kissin'
Stop all this foolish wishin'
(oh) he ain't worth missin'
I know your head is turnin'
I know your heart is burnin'
Girl, you've got to listen
Don't you know he ain't worth missin'

You know I'm here to save you
But you ain't through cryin' yet
Look at your pretty face
All red and soakin' wet

I'm gonna try to make him
Just a memory
Come on baby, let's get started
The first thing you've got to see

Repeat Chorus

If you need someone to hold you
Someone to ease your pain
Well I'll be holdin' steady
Girl, when you get ready
I'm gonna show you love is a good thing
Yeah, love is a good thing

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus