Rasputina Lyrics

Howard Hughes Lyrics

He want you to put this plate of crumbs into the frigerator.
When you do, he wants you to make sure to bring this plate with dessert later.
Stand to the right. Give him a bite.
Insulate the bed. Shoot him up when he's dead.

He wants you to take a box Kleenex and cut it with a knife.
Use a stack of tissues for each hand, killing germs could save his life.
Climb into he cockpit. He drops his pants to grin
Just act like it's nothing. Just nod and smile at him.

Howard Hughes pops valium blue and he reclines the naked chair and watches just one more movie.
Howard Hughes has got something on you when the fingers grow long
And the toenails they wrap around him.
Howard Hughes,
What he did
What he'd do.

He wants you to seal windows and doors of his hotel room with tape.
He will be alowed to pee on floors, cause his codeine constipates.
Listen to him moan. About a million dollar loan.
Don't answer the phone. It's been a long time since he's flown.