Rasputina Lyrics

Trust All-Stars Lyrics

You're not the boy that you say you are.
You come from outerspace you drive a rental car.
Thanks, but no thanks just the same.

Time was when this became obvious.
You're eyes were never clear, you did not eat enough.
Strangely afraid of the rain.

Trust all stars.
Never ask your way around.
Buffalo is Venus.
Texas is a town.

Planets we know do come and go
When meltable aliens run toward the snow.
Missions are fine but piece of mind
Won't come from a boyfriend who lies all the time.

Alien wishes won Damn the sight
Scanning those soggy skies with a small reading light.
harder to see late at night.

Millions of listeners close their ears
Hoping their dinner's warm stifling sunny cheers.
Wait till dinner's done to start to fight.