Next F/ Adina Howard Castro Lyrics

Next Experience Lyrics

INTRO Rock a bye baby and it don't stop when the shirts fall the pants
will drop. Down will come boxers panties and all. It's on it's
on it's
on. Yo(huh)this is RL and what we tryna do right now is figure out
the freak of the industry is. And we feel like NEXT got to flex with
Adina we gotta take the reigns you know what I'm sayin'. So what we
about to do is put it all on the line. You get yours and I'ma get
mine(touch me, touch me)Yo NEXT,Adina,what'sup?
CHORUS:You can't handle what I'm 'bout tp give you, a NEXT experience
(go head daddy)right(Iwanna ride it with Adina Howard to sleep)I just
wanna touch and clutch and feel you, with some whip appeal in it.(go
head daddy)(yeah go head momma)
VERSE1:Adina-Boy peep this freakin' me, testin' out this feather
weight(not me)you can't handle this heavyweight,some talk and I just
perpetrate(I got what you need come and get a load of me-oooh yeah)
RL-I make her like-when it's on girl I put in work,even when I'm gone
can flex-if you call me collect we can have phone sex 'cause('cause
what?)you can't handle this, naw,naw,naw
RAP:771-Between my thuggin' I'm butta lovin'-hips bumpin-lips like she
just finished lickin' somethin'. She say it takes a beep just to take
peek at something, ball hunters doin' tricks like the Globe Trotters.
Politican while I blow skamish. Uh-hum I'm rippin',rappin' Dole
daughters.Givin Strobe rythn 'cause his flows proper, and like it
like some old vodka. Know she freaked out but can't knock her.
BRIDGE:I can be your freak until daybreak until the dawn.
ADINA-Baby don't front when it's time to bring the bomb
RL-I made you feel it and you tell me word is bond I'll have you
ADINA-Talk is cheap just give me a beep(alright)we can creep boy
get freaked
RL-Tell you what baby. NEXT will come next week,I'll make you re-jump
CHORUS:(repeat once)
RAP:Nasty my type-like it-since it's Adina, yo I might bite it,mad
excited, 'bout to get a peep inside it-legs divided,don't lay the
way-so I strap while we foreplay and pour more Ze'-down ya neck get yo
crack wet, could sweat all day.Stuff the Garci with dob seed, the bomb
seed, your oppositions harshly-throw it in you to the embro, knees to
chest and NEXT is next the sex.