Ellie Campbell Lyrics

Don't want you back Lyrics

Sorry is the hardest word
And flowers don't say much
Next time ill find a man
Who don't get one more love
You took me for a fool
Don't call it a mistake
The roses may be real
But baby your just fake

I really thought
You were the one
But now im taking back all of my love


Bye bye baby
I dont want you back
Read my lips
Its time you got the facts
Bye bye baby
Cause im better then that
And now i've found out were your really
I dont want you back

So now your at my door
With flowers in hand
What part of goodbye can't you understand?
I know you'd like to find me cying over you
I wouldn't waste my tears
I'll find somebody true

I really thought
We had it all
Now its plain to see your just a fool

repeat Chorus

And when your sitting in your lonely room
Rememberin the way we used to be
You'll be sorry you were such a fool
Gonna find some one who's love is just for me

I dont want you back
Ow i don't need you back
No no, I dont want you back
I dont need you back

Ow baby no no
Now i've found out where you really at

Reahpeat Chorus untill end.