Project Pat F/ Juicy J (Tear Da Club Up Thugs) Lyrics

Sucks On Dick Lyrics

[Juicy "J"]10x
Sucks on dick...
Does it real good(Get buck motherfucker, get buck)

[Juicy "J"]
You got these million dollar niggas
Ghetto stars, killas
Stabbin on you bitches like a jacker pullin triggas
Playas ridin twenty's, checkin tramps for money
Smellin like da chronic, ballin, doin bout a hundred
I'm callin up your wife, she wants to spin the night
She say her man aint doin right and wanna suck my pipe
Rainbow Inn, 20 after 10
Me and my niggas chillin waitin on this bitch
Heard a knock at the do'
Come on in ho
I know you wit that train shit, the bitch said for sho'
Pat was hittin from the back like a can of mace
I was in the front, dick hangin in her face
I made another call, my dawgs from the town
Smokey city niggas, Speed and Henry Watson Brown
I said I got a freak that wanna do you all
She's cathin niggas nuts while she's lickin in your balls

[Juicy "J"]16x
She's a ho

[Project Pat]
Now I'm on South Parkway, make a left on third
Hit that herb
Freaky wet ho, on that thunderbird, eyes red
While she givin hed, lookin for a bed
So...I can lay that body down
Then I dick her down
Where I'm found, South Memphis
Found a home, decent home, pissy home
Where killas roam and the real niggas hold they own
I push it on, thump the roach out the window
These freaky hoes suckin dick for some indo
I been through round the way so I know the game
You find Kappa slap a bitch to keep my dick drained
A pimp man get the money fo' he get the pleasure
An ex-con, I'ma get the charm and the treasure
A deadly measure what she take if she fuck wit me
I prob get booked without for rape cause she fuckin me
I run a bitch's game just like a ho go
Ya'll got a sugar daddy so I got an old ho

[Juicy "J"]
She's a ho
(repeat to fade)