Gina Thompson F/ Missy Elliott Lyrics

Yadi Ya Lyrics

Uh, uh-huh, uh, yo

1 - [Gina]
Talking all that yadi ya
Makes me wanna say bye to ya
Boy your body's really fly but you're
Getting on my nerves all day, all night
With all that yadi ya
Really I can't lie to ya
I'm really getting sick and tired of ya
Getting on my nerves all day, all night

Coming in late, from a good night
Once I get in, it don't feel right
Your all up tight, from the first sight
Cause I did not return your page, well
So you page me well that's nice
If you page me once or twice
But it's crazy, like ten times
So tell me why you

Repeat 1

So you got a stinking attitude
Well guess what, I'm not in the mood
For the drama, this evening
So I think you should be leaving
I don't need this, it don't pay bills
There are more guys with more skills
Yeah your fly but your mouth kills
Everything fly about you

Repeat 1

Right now I think you should be walking, walking
Cause I'm so sick of all your talking, talking
And later on no need to calling me, calling me
On the phone when your feeling alone
Because it is all sounding like your yadi ya

Boy why you, aggravate me
Everything you say
Agitates me
You've been bugging me
Like you hate me
And you be talking all that ya-ya-ya
I'ma keep it real
Here's the real deal
You need to chill on out
Get up out of here
Don't try to play me
Unless you pay my bills
So what the hell with all that ya, uh

Repeat 1 till end