Whistle Lyrics

Still My Girl Lyrics

Its been said that dreams dont come true
I thought I proved it wrong when I met u
You're like a love song that I always sing
And I love u baby cuz joy's what u bring
And u know I loved u like no man has loved u
You said that u loved me and u'll never leave me
Girl, u were so kind
Was this just a fantasy ?
Was this just make believe?
Was this all in my mind?

Still my girl...(4x)

I sit and wonder what went wrong
I thought our love was good, I thought it was strong
But now I sit alone, crying to sleep
Hoping you'd bring back the love that we shared
But baby u left me, you left me lonely
But why oh why? why did u go? (why did u go?)
Why didnt u love me, like u said u'd love me
Girl, I got to know....

Still my girl... (4x)

Baby at night when I go home
Wondering if u're ever coming home
Do u love me, girl do u care?
When I get home will u be there?...

(repeat chorus til song fades)