SWV F/ Puff Daddy Lyrics

Someone Lyrics

Lookin at my roley it's about that time,
for SWV to drop a jam on mine, Playa's talk the talk
but they can't walk it, we make the whole country bounce
when we New York it, don't speak about or be about it,
seein puff on your tube feelin weak about it, I got the
skill of an actor, windshield factor minus 5'5, coolest
man alive, baby who dat is? ooh that's just puff daddy,
keep you on my mind like I keep me on my shine, and I
feel fine, sex real fine, while I'm in yo deck on rewind.
Boo I make it hot, till you yellin what PD got, since Pd
rock, C me not, so many bricks I build a Tenement, will
do the freaky things baby girl if you into it.

1st Verse:

I'm lookin for, a lover that, can make a
sacrifice, A Lover That, Will Understand, will always be by my side,
I pray the lord so I can find my mister right , so
who can it be the one for me, I need.


Someone that I can believe, someone to satisfy
me, I need love, (ooh someone), someone who's faithful n true,
ooh baby can it be you, I need love.

2nd Verse:

Well can it be, that your the one, and I've
been to blind to see, your everything I'll ever need, someone
who'll love me for me, I wanna know, I wanna see my destiny,
If your love is true I'll love you to, cuz I need

Chorus: without (ooh someone)


You can be the one, Love of a lifetime ooh baby
can it be the one for me, I need to know, want you to be mine
baby why can't you be my everything.


Check this out, Y'all know the C's SWV's gone for
a minute, chillin cross seas, back on the scene now, pocket full of
cream now, gone so long thought they was locked in the Penile,
meanwhile they be bumpin in the in the clubs, can we get freaky
tonight, show em love, Puff and J-dub, platinum stats, plush
oriental rugs and platinum plaque's.

Repeat Bridge

Chorus: till the end