Ca$h Money Click Lyrics

Get Tha Fortune (Street) Lyrics

Word up
Niggas is out there frontin
Tryin to get the fame
Niggas need to be gettin the money

[ Ja Rule ]
Don't risk it, Ja Rule's known for makin fat shit
Fully-loaded clip, usin wax for targets
Rattattat, rewind the DAT, black
I got your mind wide open and your wig pushed back
So keep it comin, you don't want none, but you'll get some
Sweatin faggot niggas, got that ass full of cum
Ja live, leavin flatlines through your vital signs
When in disguise I'm a shadow with red eyes
I stay high, layin in the bed, do or die
A stye over my eye made me realize
Life's a scramble with scars and scrapes
You better premeditate for the moves and shake
Cause it's a shakedown, watch me break down on the low
The real is that them fake niggas can't flow
You get moved on and get that ass torn
Out the frame, muthafuckas
For tryin to bring the ruckus

Get the fortune, muthafuck the fame
Maintain but never strain flow with the grain

[ Nemesis ]
52 pick-up's
Oh my God, I shatter niggas, it's a stick-up
Niggas got popped on the block, raise up
19 years young, I'm still wildin
Got more rhymes than combined time of niggas on the Island
So bring the wax, selector, we comin through your sector
Blasted off Tanqueray mixed with peach nectar
Niggas play the good son and I play the killer
Them niggas ??? cause the Click is much iller
[ Ja Rule ]
Who's next to get they neck broke
Rubberneckin my mic-check, showin niggas no respect
Cause you're chokin off the mic that I left smokin
Hopin that this shit you kick is this potent
Paraphernalia, illegal substance, don't touch this
Parents be advised cause I'm explicit with my lyrics
On some real shit, fuck the bullshit, it's the Click
Representin Woodhull, Hollis Ave., 205th


[ Ja Rule ]
I live and die for my Click, nigga, goin all out for the cause
Protect what's mines and then I take what's yours
During the day rap assassin
Keep MC's off my heels from blastin muthafuckas into fractions
My actions gotta speak louder than words
I'm on the verge of becomin the first nigga that's heard
A lifetime sentence, born and raised to be relentless
Black, get them niggas with a death wish
[ Chris Black ]
Niggas got me target, blazin mad slugs on a strap
Nem Terror, Ja Rule and Chris Black
3 deadly elements out for the fortune
Ave. cold be scorchin, 9mm storchin
[ Ja Rule ]
The way I choose to live my life is irrelevant
Smokin weed for the hell of it
With my Click, get the dick
You can't fuck with the foundation
Mic G, CMC, a Top Dawg ??????