Me'Shell Ndegéocello Lyrics

Ecclestiastes: Free My Heart Lyrics

The sun rises and the sun goes down and hastens back to the place Where it rose that from thence
it may rise again
Finding all things wearisome unsatisfied my eyes not satisfied with Seeing, my ears unsatisfied
with hearing
Wondering of that which is now that which has been and that which is to be
For my time on earth I pay dearly for the past
Confusion embraces my heart for to know self is to forgive self my Sojourn of truth

Free my heart so my soul may fly
Free my mind of my worldly wants and desires
I look towards heaven with my arms open wide
Take my hand come and take my hand

Sadness fills my heart
Too weak to get by, slave to disConténtment self-pity
I come forth from my mother's womb naked shall I return to the earth to go as I came
Taking nothing of this supposed worldly gain


Free my heart