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Insomnia Lyrics

I have recently graduated from light sleeper to insomniac. And quite frankly I find it startling, I lie there staring at the dark ceiling and wait. Wait for sleep to smack me square in the jaw. It is soo slow in coming, like my precious lover thank God! My neurotic brain races for hours about everything possible. But nothing in particular. I then become greatly disturbed, as I notice the time. And figure out the hours left before I must rise. Sometimes at this point I become panic filled, and toss and turn and huff and puff, and of course out of frustration my heart races, and adrenaline begins its crawl, all through me, or I become upset, because im encouragable as a spoiled child, my sniffles and whines and pouting wake my snoring lover..on purpose. So I may notify him of my unhappy cranky over tiredness, and patently as always, he gently plays with me till I finally fall fast asleep. I have recently graduated from light sleeper to insomniac, and quite frankly I find it startling!