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Eine Tasse Tee Lyrics

Alright, this is my poem...
its called "eine tasse tee"...
are you ready?...alright!
one of my dogs ate the feces of a homeless man,
on the way to the vet, ofcourse it was anna,
as nicklas wont eat anything with sauce.
i had to try and pull the offending matter out of her mouth with my bear hands...
we stunk!
I wonder what the nutrition counter would list this meal as?
It made me think...
my anti malaria medication drove me to question my sanity
I hallucinated!
I saw the bright red grip tape on my skate board as a moving mass of demerora sugar!
My judgment seems impaired, things irritate me.
People are mean!
They drive to fast, they talk to fast,people carry anger around like those fashionable backpacks!
But there all actors
In public...They behave...certain ways.
you know, at work and with their friends over dinners at popular bar and grills...
they chat and laugh...
they call girls like me Elivira, they call girls like me Mortisha.
Whatever! Nice unhappy life.
Nice weekend warrior rollerblading SUV grab a decafe life see a movie life
nice implants!
Good luck with your health
nice dairy
Good luck with your health
nice bulimia
Good luck with your health
nice antidepressant action
Good luck with your health
nice speeding
Good luck with your health
everyone thinks they got problems, wanna know a problem?
over 1 billion people have no access, that's no access!
to safe drinking water and your upset cause you cant get those new dc's
wanna know a problem?
the mobile phone, were all gunna die of brain cancer
wanna know a problem?
during hooting men with rohipnol in their back pocket, you already know
at least 5 females who have been raped,
and you don't even know it!
wanna know a problem?
the threat of nuclear war in India and in Pakistan, it could all be over overnight.
wanna know a problem?
the homeless...
which brings me back to the shit breath of my bichon freezse.
the shit shouldn't be there in the first place
cause whoever had to go had no place to go.
That's fucked!
we are a complacent apathetic society, we are jackasses!
we are all squirrels hoarding for are selves, we need to say something and not care if its been said before.
we need to be responsible for are actions, we need to be more helpful. we need to be more thought full.
I need to practice compassion for the fuck wads who are the prevaors of violence.
i need to relax, i need to exhale, i need to meditate.
my mind is racing, my mind is a chattering monkey,
nicklas's mind is on fire with paranoia, annastasia has shit for brains...
after all you are what you eat!
i could use a cup of chi, nicklas thinks he Gahndi, hes on a hunger strike
and annastasia would like another hot bowl of shisa!