Amy Grant Lyrics

Faith Walkin' People Lyrics

Well it seems with You there is something new
Every time I turn around.
Oh I never really know quite what to expect
But it won't get me down.
Cause I know You bring each and every thing
Just to teach me how to live.
And the secret of it all is trusting in You
And the wisdom to give.
Say goodbye to the feelings 'cause the feelings go away.
Say goodbye to the people 'cause the people never stay.
say goodbye to the future if it blinds you today.
Say goodbye to the reasoning that's standing in the way,
Oh we've got to break away
Break away to be... Faith-walkin' people
can't rely on everything we feel.
Faith-talkin' people we must discern what's really real.
Faith-walkin' people can't believe in everything we see.
Faith-talkin' people seems like such a mystery.
And in all the earth there is nothing worth
Half as much as life with You.
'Cause the people and the things we're counting on here
Are gonna' pass away too.
I don't understand everything you've planned
but I don't really have to know.
'Cause you're giving me a joy that's filling my heart when I learn to let go.

Repeat Chorus