Amy Grant Lyrics

Fairytale Lyrics

Fairytale, my life was just a fairytale
I was letting an illusion come into this heart of mine.
Fairytale, searching for a fairytale
Hiding in a world where life was simple all the time
I was just like Peter Pan in Never Never land,
Afraid of what the future might be.
Afraid to face the things I couldn't understand, A
fraid of things that I couldn't see.
But fantasy, I know there's more to life than a fantasy.
There's so much more that my life was meant to be.
So much more than make believe.
Fairytale, it seems just like a fairytale,
But there's something in my heart that says this time the story's real. Fairytale, extra-ordinary tale,
Of a King who offers love so far beyond what I can feel.
There's a world out there that human eyes can never see,
But it's just within the reach of the heart.
Two Princes wage the battle for eternity,
But the Victor has been known from the start.
Now I can see
The truth can seem so much like fantasy
But make believe was never as real to me
I know this time the story's true.
I was just like Sleeping Beauty in a Netherland.
I was dying under a spell
But then a Prince who comes form a foreverland
Awakened me from my fairytale.