Poco Lyrics

Ol' Forgiver Lyrics

Ol' forgiver,
You're a true life giver
When I'm cold
Warm me when I shiver

Ol' forgiver
When I'm runnin' you down
Now ain't you the clown
I'm chasing, madly embracing.

You got me laughing inside
At the happy face I'm facing
Ol' forgiver
You wear it all on the outside.

You're quiet and unspoken
And I take it as a token
That I'll be broken
Long before you will be.
Yeah, you'll se

Ol' forgiver
You bring a day that is lasting
Still it's slowly slowly drifting by
For the lucky son
Of an unknown mother.

Ol' forgiver, fill my eyes.
Ol' forgiver, come on and fill my eyes.
I see you fillin' up my eyes.
Ol' forgiver, come on and fill up,
Fill up my eyes.