Teddy And The Frat Girls Lyrics

Alophen Baby Lyrics

Some people like ass.
Some people like tit.
But nothing gets me going,
Like liquid shit.

My shit floats.
It floats right to the top.
I wanna shit my life away.
I never wanna stop.

'Cuz' I'm an
Alophen Baby
My heart's a toilet brush
I'm an,
Alophen baby
I can't wait until I flush.

You think I'm kidding?
Well I'm no phoney.
I like what's in my ass
to ooze out bolonga.

Doesn't matter what I eat.
I'm not that picky.
Just as long as when I shit.
It's gooey, soft and icky.


My family's worried.
They have suspicions.
And I guess they should
I just shit out my intestines.

But I can't stop, Uh-Uhh!
There's just no way.
Especially when I'm going through
Four bottles a day.


I never wanna move
from my toilet bowl.
I just wanna shit
And keep my ass in the hole.

But when I shit,
I have to be alone.
I dip my fingers in my poop
And I use it as colonge.

(Chorus 5x)