Phish Lyrics

Lawn Boy Lyrics

Throughout the night when there's no direct light

and a thin veil of clouds keeps the stars out of sight

I can smell the colors outside on my lawn

The moist green organic that my feet tread upon

And the black oleander surrounded by blues

I'm soon overwhelmed by olfactory hues

Bouncing Around the Room

The woman was a dream I had though rather hard to keep

For when my eyes were watching hers, they closed, and I was still asleep.

For when my hand was holding hers, she whispered words and I awoke

And faintly bouncing around the room the echo of whomever spoke

I awoke and faintly bouncing round the room the echo of whomever spoke.

The place I saw was far beneath the surface of the sea

My sight was poor but I was sure the sirens sang their songs for me

They dance above me as I sink I see them through a crystal haze

And hear them bouncing round the room the never ending coral maze

That time and once again I'm bouncing around the room.