Phish Lyrics

Axilla Lyrics

I dropped the buzzard in the sand and trudged off slowly toward the town,

I needed dinner and a place where I could throw my weight around,

I detected faint axilla scent that put me off my appetite,

But mouflon warring where I went renewed in me a need to fight,

Then reveling in mirror mask I soon was lost in foggy ditch,

Without a feather gray or white to tickle that piano witch,

Fearing that I must expose my worm to holographic haze,

My Clinometer error rose and spawned in her new mawkish ways,

I woke the witch with reverence reserved for serpents, snails, and slugs,

I pulled the witch from out the ditch and turned to face the furry thugs,

The sheep they smiled with teeth agleam,

The weapons in their hooves revolved I detected a prostatic ream,

I gulped and felt my loins dissolve!!!!!!!!!