Janet Jackson Lyrics

Someday Is Tonight Lyrics

Here we are just you and me
Got something for you baby
Wait and see
No need to worry, come follow me
I don't want you to think about anything else
We've been together for quite sometime
Now I know that yout love is mine
No more fantasizing of how it would be
'cause tonight all your dreams come true

Ready to give all my love
Won't hold back, someday is tonight
Let me make your dreams come true
Don't hold back, someday is tonight

You know I promised
I'd be worth to wait
Now the wait is over baby
Please don't hesitate
Boy you make me tremble
With your warm caress
I never knew I could feel this way
No more fanasizing
You'll ever have to do
'cause tonight baby
All your dreams come true
I want you so bad I can taste it
I'm yours if you want me