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Dear Mrs. Reagan Lyrics

Dear Mrs. Reagan, I hope you're feeling well

Fighting drugs and abortion will keep you out of hell

Send in the troops, they'll shut the system down

Take away their leaders and replace them all with clowns

Out in the Rose Garden, time for a speech

Make up your face so it looks like a peach

Aw, Nancy dear, what shall I say?

Tell ole Ronnie it's all OK.

Oh Mrs Reagan, Mrs Reagan
Gun your husband down
You'll collect insurance
Make our country sound

Dear Mrs Reagan, gun your husband down,
Save us from this awful fate
George Bush will be our next president!
Dear Mr Reagan, your hair is really swell

Buy another missile and damn the poor to hell
Pump up our resources,
You'll make us strong abroad
Foreign country leaders

Know that you're a fraud
Oh Ron, you're such a patriot
We think that you're an idiot
Everybody's singing this time

Oh Mrs Reagan, Mrs Reagan, gun your husband down,
Don't this let injustice reign,
It's Ron you must uncrown
Oh Mrs Reagan, gun your husband down

Send him out to pasture
His brain cannot be found