New Kids On The Block Lyrics

Please Don't Go Girl Lyrics

Talk Intro... We've been together for a long time baby
Do you have to leave?
Please don't go girl
I just can't live without you
So listen to me don't go
(Chorus) Please don't go girl
You would ruin my whole world
Tell me you'll stay
Never ever go away
I love you I guess that
I always will
Girl you're my best friend
Girl you're my love within
I just want you to know
That I will always love you
Oh baby
Tell me you're staying
Never ever go away
I need you
I guess that
I always will
Please, don't go girl
I'm going to always love you girl
I'm gonna long you girl, till the end of time
Tell me girl, that you'll always be mine
Please don't go baby, no