Silkk The Shocker F/ Master P, Mia X Lyrics

No Limit Party Lyrics

Ungh! [let's get ready to rumble]
Where ya from? Where ya from? [ya heard me]
That 3rd Ward. Time to start this fight, you fuckin right
Bitch, get off me, buckle up nigga!


Who run this bitch, we run this bitch
That bout it shit, we started this shit
Cause ain't no party like a No Limit party
I'm a No Limit Soldier for life

So fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggaz)
Fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggaz)
Cause all hoes suck dick
(All niggaz lick lips)

[Mia X]
Nigga, I bet you gotta bitch on the side
But I gotta 9 on mine and it's about that time
That I spit the game like it's supposed to be spat
Cause niggaz ain't worth shit except for lickin cat
And fixin flats, after I done stuck yo shit
Cause I'm the wrong ghetto bitch to be fuckin with
The roughest bitch, you wouldn't wanna bust them, bitch
If I'm the same ho that had your mama huffin, bitch
And puffin, bitch, and yes I'm known to suck some quick
Cause I done told you once before the ladies run this shit
We run this shit, ever since the last true lick
And yet ya punks still screamin all hoes suck dick
But fuck that shit, cause niggaz love to suck them lips
And lick that clit, and pay yo bitch to lay yo bitch
To say they hit, ho stuntin ass tricks
Uh uh, sweatin tired sayin they quit
Is that it?
Now ain't that fake
No stars for your chest, I coulda had a V8
Mia X is known to take a nigga for his keys and Gs
Government and cum and then they extra fun
Cause all niggaz buy pussy, cry for pussy, lie for pussy
Live for pussy, steal for pussy
Rap for pussy, kill for pussy
Even though they try to stunt
They leave they folks stuck out behind a fat, hairy cunt
Up front, when a nigga start to trip
Ha ha, laugh dead in they face cause they just talkin shit

(Do the ladies run this muthafucka, hell, yeah)
Do the niggaz run this muthafucka, hell, yeah


Bitch get off me [bitch get off me]
Bitch get off me [bitch get off me]
Buckle up, nigga, here it go, nigga
Buckle up, nigga, here it go, nigga

I'm so gangstafied, stay high till I die
Smoke for free, I reply not with me
Cause I get cheese,
Nothin comes free but this dick and gum
I be fresh up outta gum, cause I be to my last one
Ya'll niggaz got the game backwards,
Buyin dinner then fuck
I fucks first, and say fuck dinner
Then I hits and cut
Because if you want to get paid, be a hooker
See this ho, run and borrowin nothin
But dope, money, and pussy
Now niggaz sell dope to make money to spend on hoes
But I, fucks hoes, and make them hoes buy my clothes
??? from head to toe, Converse on my feet
You call me young Spanish flyer
I took them hoes in heat
Now I'm a peep this game, as I see the game unfold
Now hoes be tryin to get for the money
The whole truck load, but fuck hoes
Then I duck, cut, hit em then I slit em
I spit game to em, and then I bet you I'ma get em
I fucks one hoe two hoe three hoe four
And if I get some condoms, I'ma fuck some more
Now if you know Silkk, you know that I be plottin
Your girlfriend, she be down
I catch her on the rebound like I was robbin her


So fuck ya'll hoes (suck these holes)
Fuck ya'll hoes (suck these holes)
Ain't no party like a No Limit party
I'm a No Limit soldier for life
So buckle up, nigga, guard your grill, nigga
Here go the trigga, duck down, nigga [Blue!]

[Master P]
Bitch you bout, bout what, suckin dick?
I ain't gon tell ya partnas that you did me and my homey in
You bitches is crazy, tryin to have my baby
Sniffin on my riches, ho, suck some daisies
I'm spreadin rumors on you hoes like I'm in social clubs
What about me, you, yo sista in my bathtub
You lookin fine in yo DKNY
Versace on yo eyes, ??? bags on yo side
Yo bitch don't get rolled, and yo earrings hang side to side
Yo rent no Lexus, damn, let's go take a ride
Cause if you was a part on a car you'd be a fender
Cause underneath all that expensive shit bitch you a pretender
If suckin dick was a crime, you'd get 25 to life
Oh , Miss Thang, I ain't mad at you for bein with somebody else
Why, see I'm from the south, I keep hoes in the chicken coop
I got bitches lined up in they birthday suit
You want me to cum in your pussy, I'm a cum in your throat
And if the rubber pop, then swallow ho
Cause all hoes suck dick
I ain't Too $hort, but fuck you, bitch


So fuck you hoes (fuck them niggaz)
Fuck you hoes (fuck them niggaz)
Shake that ass, ho (trick that cash, ho)
Bounce that azz, bitch (break me off, bitch)


So ride the dick, ho (grow a dick, bitch)
I say ride this dick, ho (eat this clit, bitch)
Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from, where ya from
Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from?
Get em up [if you from Down South]
Get em up, get em up, get em up
Get em up [if you from the west coast]
Get em up, get em up, get em up,
Get em up [if you from the east coast]
Get em up, boot it up, boot it up
Show the gold! [cause niggaz Down South ain't takin no shit]
Where ya from, where ya from, where ya from?
When I say bitch, you say get off me
Bitch [get off me]
Bitch [get off me]
Bitch [get off me] bitch
Bitch [get off me] bitch
Do the niggaz run this muthafucka?
Hell, yeah
(Do the ladies run this muthafucka?)
(Hell, yeah)
Muthafuckin No Limit party, nigga (Ungh!) nigga