P.Y.T. Lyrics

Yeah Yeah Yeah Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah
Said I said I heard it before
And now I'm out the door
Cuz I can't take it no more
Say you you you
And whatcha keep puttin' me through
Shame shame on you
What goes around comes back to you

I can't believe you lied to me
Keep tellin' me she's history
Then why does she keep calling me
And paging me
And bugging me
She's hawkin' me
Vexin' me
Stalking me
Faxing me
Stressing me
Gonna make me scream man
Still your bringing her around
Gonna I drive my ride all over town
Actin' like I never been down
Boy you're gonna make me wanna clown
Lose control
Let it go
This has to stop
Messin' up my flow
You gotta go
I gotta go
Don't you know
Cuz I know


Too many times I trusted you
Believed in you
Had faith in you
Then you go actin' a fool
Why would you wanna treat me cruel
Without tellin' me
Feelin' me
Lovin' me
Care for me
But ya lied to me
Whatcha lied to me
No truth to get no sympathy
Too bad you lost your turn
Mess with us and you're gonna get burned
No more chance
No points to earn
No need to town with no concern
Stop calling me
Nagging me
Begging me
Baby please
No love for you
No love for me
I'm over you zero degrees


Said if it was her you wanted
You should've told me
Instead of faking moves
Telling me you loved me (should have told me)
I can't believe you lied to me
Haven't heard just calling me (how dare you lie)
Boy if the things you could have imagined
Instead of loving me
You was happen
So goodbye
So long
Be used
I'm gone
Oooooooooooh oooh