LFO Lyrics

Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight Lyrics

I cant believe the night is gone
and now it's time to take you home
girl , as you come in close to give me one last kiss
you're making it hard to miss
don't want to leave you right this

cause I dont want to kiss you goodnight
if a kiss means this night is over
I don't want to have to say goodbye
girl , don't leave me standing at your door
when this night can lead to so much more
I want to hold you
I want to touch you
and when I kiss you
don't want to kiss you goodnight

I used to see you in my dreams
hoping one day they'd come true
and you'd give yourself to me
but now were standing here
and I'm holding you
and it's never felt so right
don't wanna leave you here, I wanna come inside
and kiss you where you like


I wish this night could be endless
baby, feeling your skin on my skin
I take my time to make you breathless
girl we can do it again and again

(whisper) goodnight