LFO Lyrics

All I Need To Know Lyrics

you've been crying
over that other guy
he played you, and betrayed you
like a fool with his games and lies
open your heart girl I can make you see
now close your eyes and come on the floor w /me
you need a man who will always be around
one who'll love you down

you say you don't want me to break your heart
(I'll be good to you, I promise to, girl)
and if you want me to be in your life
than just tell me so 'cause thats all I need to know

I'll hold you, console you
I'm just what you're looking for
he had you trippin, baby listen
your lonely days are no more
life without you, girl I can't conceive
don't you know that you're the air I breathe
just tell me baby, that you won't let go
it's all I need to know


I wanna be all of the things you are to me
so all I need to know is wherever I go, you'll be loving me faithfully


that's all I need to know, so if you feel my flow
come along and sing, we're LFO

=========chorus to fade=========