Reba McEntire Lyrics

For Herself Lyrics

Uncle Slim had let her know she couldn't ride that horse.
He was the one that was only meant for men.
She waited around till way after dark,
Rode that horse with all her heart.
And in the night how she rode.

Somehow she always knew she had the strength inside.
And even if she fell, she'd survive.
In spite of all the tears she may cry,
This is how she has to live her life.
As hard as it may be she has to find out for herself.

Mama and daddy told her from the start he was no good.
They'd seen how he treated the other girls.
She waited around till the sun went down,
Slipped out the house not makin' a sound.
And in the night oh how they drove.


It was fifteen years to the day he became a stranger in her eyes
In the coldest words of anger
He said without me you won't survive.

There's a suitcase in the closet she had packed six months ago.
She don't leave a note that's not her style.
So she waited around till way after dark,
Left that man who broke her heart.
Now she's gone, oh she's gone.