David Bowie Lyrics

It's Gonna Be Me Lyrics

Hey Jack I better shake it off. put her out of my head
Thinking I balled just another young girl last night
Oh brother! I left a woman in that morning bed
Been on that trip so many times
Good god! was it really yesterday?

I've tried so many, many, many, many, many, many ways
I've lied and taken off into the day
Leaving another girl to weep over the breakfast tray
Loved her before I knew her name, hit me Jack, 'cause I'm
Gonna love her way

(Come back, my babe)
Come back, my babe
Be holy again, I gave her
(I gave her) Ooh, maybe, maybe
(Ooh maybe) Gotta give her, ooh baby, baby (Ooh baby)
That kind of love
Can only destroy, I gave her
(I gave her) Ooh maybe, maybe
(Ooh maybe) Get it down if I'm gonna be her baby, 'cause
(Ooh baby)
Gonna be me
(It's gonna be me)

There was no rein to check me
When all of those little things walked on by
Oh! But I couldn't really stammer out a word
When that angel stuck in my mind
Oooooh, looking for love won't hold me back
(No!) I'm gonna love her way


Just playing that latest record
Waiting for the telephone to ring
Wiped out and bitter with a bag clutched in her hand
All the cars sound like they're pulling in the drive
Hmmm, no, no, no

I see her now
A little tear running down her cheek
Lost, let down
People looking for me
I want to race down her street
And knock hard, hard, hard on the door until
Until she breaks down into my arms like a
Treasured toy and I feel her pain
I'll be so strong, again and again

Come back my baby
I'll hold you again, I'll take you
(I'll take you) Ooh, baby, baby, baby
(Ooh baby) We're gonna have, ooh baby, baby (Ooh baby)
My kind of love
Can only bring you joy, I'm gonna
(I'm gonna) Yeah, baby
(Ooh baby) Yeah, I'll give you baby, baby (Ooh baby)
'Cause it's gonna be me (It's gonna be me)