Hawkeye Lyrics

Man Poppy Show Lyrics

When yuh see certain
A gwan like them a look yuh man
Dont even watch it
Di laugh jus mek she have it

Laugh..... gal yuh nuh man poppy show so mek some gal know
Laugh...laugh cause dem a force up pon yuh man wid dem corny toe
Laugh...fi impress yuh man she all a walk naked outta door
Laugh...a gal feel a suh yuh stay,but anno so

Gal come a force up
Si yuh man outta road an a lift her clothes up
But yuh man neva love di scent whey arose up
Inna im buisness she wah push her nose up
Betta she cool,cause yuh man nuh fool
A'n him know she use up
Bout she a advertise and push her fruits up
But yuh man know di fruit tump and batta bruise up
And im no wah nothing mix and confuse up


Verse 2
Gal a talk bout how man love har to death
A pure tump,kick box down a whey she get
A belly so she cyan go party nor fete
Laugh...after har.......Laugh
Come bout she waan tek di one man yuh get
Tell a gal fi move from yah wid har sour breath
Har face fold up like any cheese omelet
Laughafta har....Laugh


Verse 3
Mi affi wonda if da dumb gal deh nuh tired
Fi fall in love wid some big time liad
All a gi dem job an dem nuh fit to be hired
Now di gal see yuhanna big up har chess
Ole mascarade tink she look nice and cyan dress
Love brag and boast bout di tings she posses
An a truck back she itch up inna guh a Sumfest