Red Rat Lyrics

Rumors Lyrics

Oh No!
Me never crash
No way
Me a mek dip inna de sea
an' tek ah splash

Dem spreading rumors about me telling bare lies
Rumors, WHO?
Some badman guys
Rumors, rumors, Jesus Christ
Rumors ah fly like flies
(repeat 2x)

Verse 1
After me deh a north coast
Wid me girl ah relax
Me hear me meet inna ah accident
Big car crash
Goofy deh pon stretcher
And me deh pon ice box
But before me coulda even recover from that
Me hear ah bigger news flash
Me get shot (WHAT??)
Yeah, six bullets to de head
Spread fast till me dead
Me X hear ah foreign and wet up her bed
Copper and lead that sound dread
But me deh yah fe me fans instead


Verse 2
Through once upon ah time
When me use to little an fine
Me used to walk boewi bat
And every mango tree me climb
Nuff ah dem think me woulda tun shoe shine
Through me tek ah big switch
It link dem like sign
Nuff get grudgeful and tun badmind
Woulda love me brain bust
Or sitten run through me spine
Hold me head up never jump inna crime
Dem nuh stop badmind Saying things unkind
But all well wishes of fans of mine
Don't worry Red Rat's fine


Verse 3
After me nah vain
Nah gi nobody pain
Cause nobody shame
Pressure nobody brain
Me nah use crack neither cocaine
Sodis yah red bwoy is still the same
But some guy ah try fight us
Through we ah move righteous
Nuff people like us cause we nah like fuss
Ah nuff ah dem woulda like see we rotten and rust
But me ah swell dem head till dem bust.

Repeat from top!